sonikol/ August 17, 2018/ Great Restaurants

Start off your vacation right with a good meal when you arrive in Jacksonville FL. You are going to find that JAX features many fine places to eat, and it is going to be an advantage to you to know what some of them are. Do you like Greek food? That’s what you get with the first pick, and there is so much more to learn about the great restaurants of Jacksonville, Florida.

Greek Street Kitchen & Bar is on University Boulevard, and the spinach pie is one of the menu favorites. There are also stuffed grape leaves, eggplant salads, gyros and more. Expect a nice interior to the restaurant, and have you ever tried what’s called a spanakopita? Try something new or enjoy your favorites when you stop by Greek Street Kitchen & Bar.

The Candy Apple Cafe & Cocktails has a cool name, don’t you think? This cafe is found on North Hogan Street, and you can imagine that there are candy apples there. Mini corn dogs, country fried chicken and angus burgers are also on the menu. Plus, they serve up what’s called a Shrimp Louie salad. And the cute little cafe is a nice place to grab some breakfast, too.

Now you’re going to find out where to go to enjoy some delicious Italian food. The place is called Enza’s Italian Restaurant, and its location is 10601 San Jose Boulevard. The wine list is great, the menu extensive and Enza’s is a wonderful dining establishment for special occasions. If you and yours are in the mood for Italian food, Enza’s would make for a great stop in Jacksonville, Florida.

Then there is The Brick on St Johns Avenue, which isn’t a pizza place as you might have envisioned. As a matter of fact, The Brick features quite an eclectic menu. Some of the items you can order up include prime rib, maple glazed salmon, crab cakes and more. The fish tacos are said to be superb as well.

Fish tacos are something you might want to try when vacationing in Florida. You likely know what you want to eat, but where do you want to eat? Picking the best restaurant is certainly part of the deal. Now it’s going to be easier on you to find good food while in Jacksonville FL. It’s just a matter of picking one of these four restaurants while on vacation.